My blog will be made of 3 different categories that I feel will be interesting ways to guide the conversations towards our goals, this is the first; Heartfelt!

Think of a garden, whether it is for farming or just beauty. Before anyone does anything on it, like plant the seasonal crop or beautiful flowers that will satisfy anyone that chooses to look in its direction, it has to be prepared. You will have to get rid of the weeds, maybe add some nutrients to the soil, protect it from predictors and so much more. All that before you even introduce the seed into the ground. Then there after, you will have to keep weeding, pruning, spraying, watering and ensuring that your garden stays clean and at optimal condition for your plants to stay healthy.

Now lets think of your mind and body, the same principle works. For you to be at full potential and strong enough to carry out your daily activities and more importantly to go out of your way to strive for more, you have to care for yourself. You have to weed out the bad thoughts and habits that don’t serve you, then replace these thoughts and habits with better ones, those that serve to improve you; help you to stay healthy.

I have a whole array of things that I do to keep my mind healthy. Sometimes it’s grabbing a book on a topic I need more light shed or sometimes it’s as crazy as playing my at the time favorite Metro album and dancing along to his genius beats. Just to put it out there I am not the best dancer but I’m working on it, more so, in such situations all I really need is a reason to smile. Sometimes I need to remind myself why I should be happy and sometimes I just need a reason to strive harder because life’s seeming too good yet I know there is more to it. Sometimes it is taking a silent walk as I try to clear my mind and in other cases I pop up at my loudest friends’ house to have a good laugh. What is most important is to know which of them I really need because it’s human nature to rush for the escape rather than support to make me feel better; avoiding the problem rather than confronting it.

Heartfelt will be my outlet to bring up conversations that I hold close to my heart, conversations I am sure your heart needs to hear. Telling you that you are never alone even when it doesn’t feel like there is anyone there and transforming your mind from a place you would rather escape to a place you find peace, love and acceptance. I will teach you how to be your own true friend because that’s the only way you can be that friend to others and sometimes you are the only one that really understands the situation. This here is an invitation to a world of possibilities and peace while you carry yourself through each day and through each situation. To help you discern your feelings and find solution to the root causes of every form of negativity that may be troubling you. Giving you confidence and support to own your days and dreams, to enjoy life not only on the good days but everyday!

So join me here every fortnight so we can share the journey to a healthy mind. That’s the only way you can really be your true self!

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